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No matter what scope of interest, pursuit and passion, Nova is the place to come together to seek and find personal and professional learnings, best practice, bold ideas, exciting opportunities and extraordinary visions.

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With a strong base in the Nordics, we have now initiated the explorative journey to create the trusted community for top talent, globally.
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Nova provides unique online and offline opportunities. You will be part of dynamic environments and connect with others in varied and engaging settings where long term, mutually-beneficial relationships are established.


Nova is the perfect meeting place for top talent to share, learn and connect with one another. The Nova way of giving and collaborating helps each and every one of us in the community to develop as individuals who are empowered to reach our visions and goals.

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Organizations find it increasingly challenging to attract, recruit and retain top talent. To stand out from the competition, these high achieving companies need to belong to a community that reflects a genuine mindset that appeals to top talent like you.


Nova is your passage to some of the world’s most high achieving organizations. You will have the ability to match your competence, knowledge and experience with the needs of particular organizations looking for top talent. In this way, long term, mutually rewarding relationships are created and built.

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You could say that Nova is a rich bank of possibilities, where your preferences and credentials are matched with the most optimal job opportunities. Regardless of whether you are actively seeking new challenges, Nova keeps you at the forefront of job trends and possibilities.


Nova keeps you in the real-time information loop of the most attractive recruitment possibilities. The community spirit within Nova means that you help others to achieve their goals as much as you achieve yours. Therefore, we encourage recruitment referrals that help create the most optimal match.

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Fact is, positive things happen when people meet and interact with one another. To complement our digital community, Nova creates dynamic meet-ups where you can connect with other Nova members, as well as high achieving organizations.


As a member of the Nova community, you have access to the range and depth of personal and professional connections and development possibilities, as well as personal engagement activities, forums, seminars, workshops and meetings.


The Nova community is particular about ensuring value for you. In order to remain a genuine, trusted community, Nova membership is by invitation only.

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  • Dreads, orange jeans and blue sunglasses were my outfit the first day at Stockholm School of Economics. It’s been 18 years since, but I have continued walking my own path. I became a member in Nova all the way back when it started in 1997 and after the dreads I have been CEO, Chairman, Managing Director, Head of Commercial, Head of Sales, ended up on a 21st place on the Swedish business weekly’s Super Talent ranking, 2nd on Universum’s talent ranking, 2nd on the ranking of Sweden’s most inspiring co-workers, signed with a record label, got married, got two kids and am now responsible for business development within sports at one of Sweden’s largest TV channels. Sweden behave! Ha ha. Most of all, I have had a blast the whole way. And that is the key. Have fun. Now. Not tomorrow.

    User 1 Henrik Berndtson Partner and VP Sales & Business Development, Blixten & Co
  • As a student at Royal University of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics and UCLA, with 5 years of work experience and a close connection to professional life, I was on the look for an opportunity to get 100% out of my drive and engagement. I was looking for people with similar experience and merits and companies that share my values and visions. I am pleased to say that Nova is exactly what I was looking for. Previously, I have felt like it has been difficult to identify what is right for me and what I want to do, given the experience that I have. Nova has provided me with the opportunity to get connected with the individuals and companies that can help me get to the next level and reach my goals.

    User 1 Jesper Cronsioe MSc Student
  • For me, Nova was the first step on a very exciting path. It all started with a part time job in the talent pool of a Vinge, one of Sweden’s primary law firms, alongside my semester in school. It progressed through a summer internship in the same firm and, since I liked the company so much, a full time job as assistant lawyer. I would say that the fact that I had walked this path was invaluable when it was time to apply for a job after graduation. Both due to that I had had a chance to by myself explore and figure out what I wanted to do, but also since I had got the possibility to show this law firm who I am and what I am capable of.

    User 1 Amanda Granqvist Associate, Vinge